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Wild Nutrition
Organic Protein + Superfood Powder


Organic Protein + Superfood Powder

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Earth’s most nutrient-dense ingredients come together in this powerhouse protein. Certified organic, this delicious blend of vegan protein, super greens and seven mushrooms sits alongside Vitamin B12 for energy, immune support and focus. Just blend, pour and drink.

  • correct icon Reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • correct icon Psychological function
  • correct icon Contains mushrooms & super greens

Key Benefits

  • Earth-grown energy

    Supports your energy metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue, for days when you have a lot on your plate.

  • Clear your mind

    Less stress, more focus. Our formula supports your psychological function, helping you stay calm, whatever life throws your way.

  • Strengthen your body and resilience

    Supports your immune system – the body’s first line of defence against colds and infection - while building and maintaining your muscle mass

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