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Kuvings EVO820 Wide Feed Juicer in Gunmetal


Kuvings EVO820 Wide Feed Juicer in Gunmetal

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This juicer comes equipped with an 82mm flip feed chute, which as the name suggests, it can juice whole fruits with no issue at all. The flip feed chute also offers an easy and safe way to add ingredients to the hopper, which is a pretty nice feature to have. If you are wanting something a little different, the EVO820 has a textured leather look base, which we haven’t really seen before.

  • correct icon Easy clean pulp outlet
  • correct icon Comes with a wrap around scrubbing brush for simple cleaning
  • correct icon BPA Free components

Key Benefits

  • Wide Feed Chute Design

    The ingenious design overcomes the need to use a pusher, which makes juicing, even more, simpler than ever before. The 82mm flip lid has a hinge, so as you drop ingredients in, the produce falls straight into the augur and the lid will instantly swing back to its original position. On the top of the flip lid, there is opening for long ingredients such as carrots and leafy greens, the lid allows you to continuously process whole fruits and veg easily, with next to no preparation. The flip lid also stops hands from getting caught in the feed chute which is an added bonus.

  • Stronger Performance

    Kuvings has upgraded many of the parts of the EVO820 by improving the assembling points, making the feed chute base stronger and more stable. Kuvings have also made changes to the drum making it more durable for crushing whole fruits. Another small improvement is that the upper part of the pulp outlet has a cutout and has a wider diameter, making it easy to clean.

  • Unique Materials

    The EVO820 certainly boasts premium, as it uses a range of durable materials. The unique leather look pattern is definitely the talking point of this juicer, making it look luxurious. Kuvings haven’t skimped on the quality of there materials, as the juicing container is made out of a strengthened Tritan, which is BPA free and the auger is made out of Ultem, which is a very durable material.

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