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Hurom H300 Self-Feeding Slow Juicer in Red


Hurom H300 Self-Feeding Slow Juicer in Red

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Immediately it’s clear to see that the Hurom H300 is far from an average juicer. Designed for the express purpose of making juicing easier than ever before, it employs a brand new optimised juicing mechanism in combination with easy to clean parts and self-feeding technology. Together, these features provide an unparalleled experience that trumps everything that came before.

  • correct icon Self-feeding juicing technology
  • correct icon Slow Squeeze Technology™
  • correct icon BPA-free durable parts

Key Benefits

  • Self-Feeding Technology

    Among the H300’s many great features, the implementation of self-feeding technology is particularly notable. Its ability to juice ingredients unassisted makes for a truly superior juicing experience and the only user-assisted action required is to fill the top chamber with ingredients.

  • Unique Juicing Mechanism

    Beyond its self-feeding ability, the H300 has been kitted out with Hurom’s latest juicing technology. This latest variant sees the augur and strainer, which are found in all masticating juicers, combined into one part.This change not only decreases the number of parts that need cleaning but also improves the efficiency of the process. Resulting in slightly better yields and shorter juicing times.

  • Optimised Cleaning

    Alongside its optimised juicing process, the Hurom H300 also offers a brilliant cleaning experience. The newly designed screen and augur combo bring the juicer down to a mere 4 parts to be cleaned after each use and all of them can be washed and rinsed in seconds.

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