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Daily Essentials for Men


Daily Essentials for Men

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Formulated by our founder Henrietta exclusively for men, this daily wellness foundation sets you up for productivity and performance. Supporting healthy testosterone levels, energy, cognitive function and your immune system, it’s everything modern men need. The fundamentals for a life well-lived.

  • correct icon Testosterone support
  • correct icon Immune support
  • correct icon Normal heart function

Key Benefits

  • Your daily nutritional needs

    Life’s demanding. It can be a struggle to get your nutrient requirements from diet alone. In a single sachet, you’ll find the reassurance and convenience of full spectrum support: Men’s Daily Multi Nutrient, Food-Grown® Vitamin D and Pure Strength Omega 3.

  • Food-Grown®

    By bonding nutrients at low temperatures into real, live food, we retain whole-plant goodness in a digestible form your body easily recognises and uses. Essentially, our pioneering Food-Grown® method mimics nature.

  • Founder formulated

    Our founder and nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton has taken the guesswork out of supplements by curating the optimal balance of nutrients to power your mind and body.

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